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But why can’t I have a great career and a relationship? Why would having a man slow me down or cause me to step back from my ambitions to just focus on his? Why do people always have to make it seem like women have to chose? Why can’t we have both? Fuck y’all…I’m going to have both and everything else in this life that I want. Keep your limitations. They might apply to you, but they ain’t shit to me.

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"My memories of him—early, early memories of him was that he was really very tall, very imposing… just a beautiful, beautiful creature almost. And he had this odour about him; it was sort of like some of the odour you smell when you go backstage, you smell all these mixtures of the perfume, the cigarettes, the makeup—all of those kinds of things. It was sort of an aura […]" 

— Camay Calloway Murphy reflecting on her father, Cab Calloway [x]

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